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What is OCamlODBC ?

OCamlODBC is a library allowing the use of ODBC drivers from OCaml programs. Now there's no excuse not to use Objective Caml in large industrial projects ... Works pretty well with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Open Ingres, DB2, unixODBC, Oracle (through the DataDirect "Connect for ODBC" driver) and I heard it works with Microsoft Access, Informix and FileMaker Pro 8 under Microsoft Windows. If you managed to use it with other DBMS, let me know.

OCamlODBC comes with a graphical toy application to execute queries on a database and see the results in a Gtk Clist widget.

Using OCamlODBC

See this page for information about using OCamlODBC with some supported DBMS.
You can also read some information about using OCamlODBC with MinGW and SQL-Server.


You can browse the OCamldoc-generated interface documentation.


OCamlODBC is distributed under the LGPL license.


See the download area.